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  • "Jakub and his team are an absolute dream to work with. He kept in contact with me daily regarding the progress of his work, suggested and installed extensions that have improved our page load time and he's made further suggestions for how we can improve.  We're definitely going to use Jakub and his team again and I would recommend that you use him too!"

    Luke Taylor |
  • "Extremely capable. Best Magento developers on Odesk (or anywhere). Versatile and skilled with tasking and prioritization.  We had a bug with our Magento Community. Simply put, two Directors of Engineering for some fun NYC startups were unable to fix these issues. Q-solutions Studio could. installation that had been running on for several months. After four developers were unsuccessful at cleaning up a shipping & payment configuration issue, Qsolutions Studio was able to successfully resolve this as well as troubleshoot some other tasks. They are effective developers who would be a great asset to anyone in need of a Magento/PHP developers.

    Gordon Divine |
  • "Jakub is the best developer I have hired. What is a good developer you ask. A good developer is one who first of all delivers all the stuff you asked for successfully and in time. However, Jakub's grabbag of specialties do not stop there. Outside of delivering everything you asked for, he also goes out of his way to make sure you do things that you did not think of and implement all the best practices for you swiftly. He takes care of all the troubleshooting without ever troubling you while does a good job communicating with you important decisions. He never will drop the ball on you even if that means staying up to mid night over the weekends. He also has put together an equally capable team so bandwidth is not an issue. "

    CJ Xia |
  • “Q-Solutions Studio really know there stuff about Magento. I have been using Elance a lot lately and found most of the "experts" are really lacking when it comes to programming expertise. Finding Qsolutions Studio was a stroke of good luck. We were able to execute the code and test the module is a few short sessions and we were completely done. Will be going back to request more tasks real soon. ”

    Scott Millard | v2point0
  • "Q-Solutions Studio  is an amazing developer team to work with. We've worked with several Magento developers before, but these guys are by far the most skilled, efficient and talented of all. What makes working with them so great is that he has great communication skills on top of his technical abilities. It's been a real honor to work with Q-Solutions Studio and there is no doubt in my mind that we will continue our successful working relationship going forward."

    Daniel Ishikawa |
  • "Jakub is far and away the best developer that I've ever worked with.  Whether it was in house, freelance or via an agency, we've had an incredibly difficult time finding someone with the intimate knowledge of Magento (and specifically Magento Enterprise) required to really help take our site to the next level.  Fortunately, we found that person (and more) with Jakub.Jakub and his team developed some incredible extensions for us that have simplified business processes and increased conversion on our site.  His communication, speed of work and attention to detail are all fantastic.  He developed great solutions that were also flexible and well thought out, so that future configuration or stylistic changes could be managed entirely through the admin panel (instead of requiring future developer work). Beyond the fact that he is the most technically competent Magento developer we have ever met, Jakub also approaches projects from a "business" perspective.  For example, even though it had nothing to do with the specific project he was hired for, Jakub went out of his way to identify a better hosting solution for us.  He ended up saving us more than $10K per year in hosting expenses and getting us onto a faster server (which has really helped with page load times).  At the end of the day, I feel like Jakub has treated our business as if it was his own and that care has shown through in every piece of work that he has done with us. I cannot recommend Jakub enough.  Working with him has allowed us to really take our site (and business) to the next level.  Having someone who is highly (highly) skilled and who actually cares about doing things the right way for the long term is one of the most critical factors in the success of any online business and we are incredibly lucky and happy to have met Jakub since he exemplifies these great traits."

    Ben Creighton | |
  • "Q-Solutions Studio did a phenomenal job on our Magento project. They have a very high level understanding of the Magento framework. Highly recommended!"

    Matthew Pelletier |
  • "BRILLIANT!!! I cannot say enough about my experience with Qsolutions Studio. Not only they are skilled, professional, communicative, and fast, they also were incredible personable. Team Leader seemed to work around the clock to accommodate our time. The whole process was shockingly easy. I hope to move forward on other jobs with Qsolutions Studio. Do yourself a favor and hire them without reservation."

    Rebecca Walker |



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